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I need a sworn translation/asseverazione at an Italian Court: how can I avail of FITS?

We get this question every now and then. So here we are to give some help and direction.

Given the almost global lockdown due to Covid-19 and the need for keeping prices down, FITS does not have a physical office (although its professional translators do have their own offices).

However, if your document has to be used in Italy, and needs asseverazione, we are required by law to bring the document and its translation at an Italian Court.

To be sworn, the translation will have to be affixed with a € 16.00 documentary stamp, and attached to the original document.

Since we do not have a physical office where you can bring the original document, we decided to offer a "Pick-up and Delivery" service to the Filipino community who wishes to avail of our services.

It is very simple: once you decide to have your document translated, you just communicate the address where we can pick it up. No need to contact any courier: we will do it for you!

So just relax: your document, translated and ready for use at any Italian government agency, will be back to you through courier in few working days!

We will take care of picking up and delivering the document to your doorsteps! So hurry up and ask your translation at FITS!

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