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Filipino documents from start to end, passing through sworn translation (asseverazione)

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Many Filipinos living and doing business in Italy since a long time wish to get their Italian citizenship or reunite their family in Italy. The procedure does not look so difficult: you get your documents, have them translated, and submit them to the competent Italian Government agency.

Truth is it is not so easy: between collecting the documents at the competent Philippine Government agency and submitting them in Italy there is the translation of the documents. And now that the Italian Embassy in Manila has shut its consular services for certification of the conformity of the translation, it has become even harder.

So, let's see the process or journey that a filipino document has to go through starting from collection in the Philippines to submission in Italy.

First one needs to know which documents are required for the procedure: there are different requirements for requesting Italian citizenship and for "ricongiungimento familiare"...

Once got the required documents from the Philippines, the documents themselves need to be "certified": this is done through the stamping of Apostille, done by the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).

Finally your documents are ready to be used in Italy. However, they still need one thing: to be translated. It is here that FITS enters the picture with its services.

The document not only has to be translated, but its translation has to be "sworn" as being true and compliant with its original filipino document. The Italian Embassy in Manila used to offer this service, certifying the conformity and correctness of a translation. However, for documents to be used in Italy, the Italian Embassy in Manila does not longer offer this service since January 20, 2020.

What to do? FITS comes to the rescue, since its professional translators are authorized to sworn their translations at any Italian Court.

To do this, FITS collects the filipino document through a "Pick-up Service" (in collaboration with DHL), attaches the translation to the original document and sworns its translation at an Italian Court.

The Italian Government requires for sworning of translations (asseverazione) to affix a documentary stamp of € 16.00 every 4 pages of translation.

The best part of it: FITS' Asseverazione Services are completely free!

Through a "Delivery Service" (in collaboration with DHL) the document and its sworn translation will be delivered directly to you doorsteps!

Your documents' journey have come to the final step: they are ready to be submitted at the competent Italian Government agency. Mission accomplished!

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